Forgot iPhone Password now supports version 5.1

Good news for everyone out there that has already upgraded to 5.1 or above and forgot their iPhone 4 password.  It is now possible to use to Gecko Toolkit to recover your password using a new exploit which allows you to jailbreak your iPhone 4S. The latest version of RedSn0w allows an untethered jailbreak to be performed on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Along with Gecko Toolkit you can read your forgotten password if your device is jailbroken. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone yet you can perform an untethered jailbreak regardless of the pass code lock. Even though you are not running version 5.0.1, the exploit which enables a password read will still function properly.

Yesterday I had a customer whose iPhone 4S was locked with a password. Apparently she had left her phone at a bar on accident and some upstanding citizen actually turned it in at the lost and found. So it seems that there are a few honest people out there. Not just the finder of the phone but the employees who also did the right thing and held onto the phone in case its rightful owner showed up. The unfortunate thing was that somehow her password had been changed. While I suspect that she might have done it herself before the phone was lost, that’s neither here nor there. She was certain that someone had installed Cydia for her so we did know that it was jailbroken.

This was the first time that we had encountered this situation as the 5.1 jailbreak is relatively new. I plugged her phone in and started up Gecko as usual. After the RedSn0w prompt I put the iPhone 4 into DFU mode and selected the 5.0.1 IPSW as usual. I clicked the launch button and to our surprise it proceeded to begin the brute force crack. Within ten minutes we had the passcode and access to her phone. She was excited to say the least. So there you have it. Forgot iPhone Password can now help those who have upgraded to the 5.1 version.