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Permanent iPhone Unlocks

Unlock your AT&T iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S or 5 for just $19.95

Best of all you will never have to do it again! Forgot iPhone Password is now offering factory unlocks for all AT&T iPhones. This method does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone and is authorized by Apple. That means you can update or restore your iPhone anytime you like and the unlock will remain forever. Just choose the appropriate model from the drop down menu below. Process your one time $19.95 payment through Paypal and within 24 hours your iPhone will be approved for factory unlocking. Once we contact you to confirm that the process is complete simply insert your new active SIM and connect your iPhone to a computer running iTunes. You will see an error activation error message. Disconnect your phone and plug it back in. You will now see a message telling you taht your phone has been unlocked. That’s it. You are now free to use any GSM carrier in the world.

I want to use my phone with a different carrier. Unlock it!

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  1. Jon

    I need a break in life right now. A family member robbed my house and she bought an Iphone 4s fro Cricket. They have arrested her and in order for me to find out whom all was involved I need to get past the passcode. The phone still rings and I have answered it but I need the text messages out of the phone itself in order to prosecute all that were involved. Let me know and I will buy whatever is needed.

    1. admin

      Unfortunately there is still no solution for the iPhone 4S.

    2. justsomeone

      Why would YOU have to find out who was involved? Wouldn’t the phone be evidence and wouldn’t the police have it in their possession? Their forensics team would then use THEIR software to get the information off it.

  2. alli

    Does this really work because if it does not please tell me. I just got my phone locked four 1 Hour so this better work.

    1. admin

      It works for most people if their device and computer fit all of the criteria and they follow the directions properly.

  3. Shreyansh Raj

    Hey admin
    I have an iphone 4 but a 4-digit passcode lock.! Now i am not able to remember the passcode as i am using my iphone after almost a year.! I purchased it from Atlanta, USA and now i am using it in India.! So the carrier in USA was AT&T and is country locked.! So can you help with getting the password unlocked.!
    Note: I cannot choose restore option in iTunes because as it’s country locked , it will be permanently locked by restoring the factory settings,

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