How to recover your iPhone password

In order to recover your iPhone password you will need to have the following software installed on your computer.


Gecko toolkit.

Download it from this website.

The correct 5.0.1 IPSW for your device. Earlier models not listed can use the bypass connect to iTunes feature but cannot read passwords.

RedSn0w.  Make sure to select the Windows version as this will not work on Mac. Currently I am using 0.9.14b1 and it seems to be completely stable.

If you are using Java version 7 you might need to uninstall it and then download 6.0 from here.

This works best with Windows 7 32-bit version. Some have reported that it will work with 64-bit and Windows 8. For more information about using these operating systems see this page.

This does not work with Mac.




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  1. Andrew

    There are IPSW’s for the Iphone4s but redsnow will not work with the 4s. Are there any plans to work with the 4s?


    1. admin

      Nothing yet. Something was changed with the 4S that prevents Gecko from working. If it becomes available I will definitely add it to this site.

      1. justsomeone

        GREAT! All my dreams were just CRUSHED! 🙁 I have a disabled iPhone 4s for 2-1/2 months now, and again I was JUST ABOUT to restore and came across this website thru macrmors. And now I read this and it says it doesn’t work 🙁

    2. tony

      does this work on ipod 4g version 4.1.2 ????

  2. alex

    gecko is saying i have a complex passcode but the device doesnt (it just has the 4 digit passcode screen), any ideas?

    1. admin

      I have run into this once before. You can clearly see that the standard four digit prompt is visible on the screen but the Toolkit cannot read it for some reason. I sincerely wish that I had a better answer for that one. Looks like you are stuck for now.

  3. damion

    having the same issue as alex, i have a simple 4 digit code as i can see from my password prompt but…tells me i have a complex code , sadly leaves me in a position of having to loose quite a bit of new info since i dont backup often

    1. admin

      You could wait for a future solution depending on how important your data is. Unfortunately the only other ways that I know of currently are either limited to law enforcement agencies or very, very expensive services. When I say expensive I don’t mean in the hundreds I mean in the thousands.

  4. brent

    hey.. firstly thanks for the disabled connect to itunes bypass it worked perfect, just now im trying to sort out and read my password but ive downloaded th IPSW version for my iphone 4 but when i hit boot and search for file i find the exstracted ipsw file on my desk top but when i hit open it opens the file to firmware etc then the others dfu etc but can’t find or select an IPSW file so nothing activates and it just says file not found although i know all the info is there??? any ideas? thank you for your help

    1. admin

      Are you running 32-bit Windows 7?

  5. brent

    im running 64-bit Windows 7

  6. Brent

    Hey just tried doing all again for passcode by-pass on my girlfriends computer she is running 32-bit windows 7 and i was running 64-bit windows 7, same problem happens as i described before, any ideas? thanks

    1. Victor

      I’m having the same exact issue. Running windows 7, 64 bit, and I cannot find the IPSW file once extracted. I’m now at the point to “connect to iTunes” and the phone is disabled. I need help on all fronts at this point. I cannot afford to lose the data on my phone if I perform a Restore.. Suggestions? Solutions? Did anyone that encounter this problem successfully resolve? Kindly help…

  7. r0cks0ul


    If i can remember the numbers I used as pass code but I just can’t remember the combination. Gecko should have some sort of an option to enter those numbers and use it to quicken the brute force stage.

    permutations of 4 to 4 rather than 10 to 4 = 5040 possible combinations against xxxx to 4 = 24 combinations

  8. Imraan

    Can you make this run on XP?
    I run many tools on XP as seems more open and stable platform for these kind of tools.
    Any updates soon so we can run also on XP?

    1. admin

      At this time you cannot run it on XP. I believe that the developer may eventually make a version that is compatible with different OS but when is another question.

  9. Chad

    I have an iphone4 CDMA, is the redsnOw_w_0.9.14b1 updated june 18,2012 stable for this version iphone?

    1. admin

      Should be fine.

  10. Diamond

    Is redsnow running with the 4s yet? Or are 4s users not able to use the password finder?

  11. admin

    So far no one has found a bootrom exploit for the A5/A5X processor. Until that happens you will not be able to use the Gecko Toolkit with the 4S.

  12. Nathan

    When I click the boot button I get the following Redsn0w error. Unexpected parameter ‘and’????? Any ideas cant find a solution online? Thank you

  13. mariel

    im trying to bypass my disabled iphone 4s but i dont know my ipsw and version 🙁 if i jailbreak it with redsnow will i lose my data? pls help my husband is a jerk! heve done this to my phone and now please answer me

    1. admin

      At this time the Gecko Toolkit does not work with the iPhone 4S.

      1. Ipod 5

        Hello does it work on Ipod 5 cus i lost my pass

        1. admin

          It does not.

  14. Ray

    I’m having the same issue as Brent. I downloaded the IPSW to my desktop and when I tried to open it shows the firmware folder. I cannot see an option for the IPSW file. Please help me.

  15. Alan

    I’m having the same problem as Ray and others windows 7 64 bit’ I cant find the IPSW file after downloading it only the firmware folder.
    can you advise us were we are going wrong please.

  16. jo

    has anyone had any success with this? ive got my boyfriends iphone4 disabled n im trying to find best way! he knows the passcode no problem but its kinda too late for that thanks to me!! plus how do i know wat iphone4 he has? GSM CDMA?? wats the difference n how to tell?? im dumb to all this stuff!!

  17. Frank

    The one listed above on this website the file extension is for Mac. Where is the file for Windows? when I go and select the IPSW file it only shows firmware folder nothing else.

  18. Andreas

    Does this work on iphone 3G (model A1241)?
    Is there a way to identify the firmware version on a disabled ihone 3G?

  19. Lisa Friedman

    Has anyone determined whether this will or will not work with the IPhone 4S?

  20. 3abbid

    the tool kit is not recognizing my 5.1.1 IPSW..
    i am on iphone 4 (gsm)
    am i missing something?

  21. Hunter

    I am also haveing the same problem with Brent and Ray …
    Downloaded the IPSW to my desktop but once opening it there isnt an option for the IPSW file.
    Help please.

  22. Jonathan

    Any 4S support yet?

  23. War

    Does this works for iPhone 4S iOS6?

  24. John

    Same problem as Brent and Ray. I downloaded zip file which contains the following:

    Firmware folder, 038-3697-001.dmg, 038-3710-001.dmg, 038-3713-001.dmg, BuildManifest.plist, kernelcache.release.n88, and restore.plist.

    Nowhere is there an .ipsw file…..even did a search on the drive using *.ipsw….found nothing……what gives?

    1. John

      BTW I’m dual booting Windows 7, 64bit on a Macbook Pro, and the file I downloaded was the link to 3GS

  25. Radman


    very very thank you ‘forgotiphonepassword’ .
    my phone is lock factory .
    i used this steps and finally i recovered the forgotten password without restore and unlock factory….

    i’m very glad , and thanks everyone that release this solution..

  26. Skip

    its november, any news on a fix for bypassing the passcode on a 4S?

    1. admin

      Nothing yet. Once the jailbreak for 6.0 is untethered then there may be a solution.

  27. Dave

    One problem I ran into was that Gecko could not find the ipsw file even though I know I downloaded it…twice. I unzipped it and searched all the folders. After searching I found that the solution was simple…rename the zip file I downloaded to .ipsw and it worked!

  28. Selena

    Can you make this able to work with iPod Touch 5G ? Please ?

  29. Hemant

    Does this work on iPad2, iOS 6.01?

  30. Rahman

    Ok, i actually used this on my iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 and it worked perfectly. I downloaded the ios 5.0.1 since thats the default one the program can read and then i just followed the steps and it actually worked and showed my password. Now im going to try on a friends iphone 4 running ios 6.0

  31. Corey

    Could not have gotten into my phone without this! VERY VERY Helpful. KUDOS!

  32. Mark Herda

    Gecko dropdown only has a choice for iphone 4 (GSM) I have a CDMA version. The IPSW file I downloaded is for the CDMA version. Am I missing something or am I ok to proceed?

    1. admin

      You should be able to use the GSM option as long as the correct IPSW is selected.

      1. zac

        ok so the bypass worked PREFECT!! but now im stuck on getting the passcode

  33. burn m'sia

    Hi mate, using 3gs face prob after Select the iOS 5.0.1 IPSW with error “Unable to recognize specfied IPSW:”
    Someone pls help me on this.

    1. Chobes

      you running it on Win7?

  34. zach

    does this work for i.o.s 6.0.1

  35. zac

    ok so the bypass worked PREFECT!!

  36. eva

    I’m getting an error message “INIT FAILED (mux thread)!
    Possible causes:
    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
    Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!”
    I’m running iTunes 11 and only one instance of the Gecko Toolkit. Any ideas?

    1. Riyadh

      downgrade your Java run time to Java 6 or Java 7 update 2 max

    2. Athy

      same thing is happening to me and i dont know how to fix it 🙁

  37. armony

    it says i must have the correct NET? No clue whats its asking for

  38. Junior

    I have an ipod touch 2G and i can not get it into DFU mode or recovery mode, it just says ipod is disabled connect to itunes. Helpppp !

  39. Chobes

    I am trying to unlock my sons Verizon Iphone 4 CDMA. Redsn0w has been at the waiting for reboot for a few hours. THe Iphone has not displayed the OK screen yet. Can i unlock a Verizon Iphone 4 CDMA with the Gecko software? Do I need a different RedSn0w program, Running the latest version. Well i downloaded it but the program says I’m running 0.9.10b3. I downloaded 0.9.15b3.

    1. Ben

      The same thing has happened to me, and redsn0w just crashes after being put into dfu mode. Anyone have any idea on a solution?

  40. dlin

    how bout iphone 5

  41. ???? ????

    Does this work on iOS 6?

    1. admin

      I have been told that it does but have not verified this.

  42. yassine

    does this work for iphone5 ios 6.0.1

    1. admin

      It does not work for iPhone 5.

  43. Mid-Zer0

    I own an iPod 4G which was locked with a password.
    The kids kept on trying till it showed: iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes.
    The iPod is running iOS 6 and Jailbroken already with Cydia installed.
    I downloaded your tool and ran it while device in DFU mode, and all I got within the cmd window was: Fatal Error: Network error: Connection refused.
    Please advise!

  44. Tarek

    I went into Gecko Toolkit and i select my device (iPhone 4 GSM) I click boot after and search for the IPSW when i click open i get :
    Command Line Error:
    Unable to recognize specified IPSW: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw

    Plz help <3

  45. Julien

    Hi, I have an Ipod 4g on I don’t know the firmware but I find my password with Gecko. I got a problem when I want to bypass “Ipod disabled” I got an error it’s this one :

    Extracted resource to C:\Users\Julien\AppData\Local\Temp\ssh_rd\native\jsyringeapi.dll
    Extracted resource to C:\Users\Julien\AppData\Local\Temp\ssh_rd\native\mux_redux.dll

    INIT FAILED (mux thread)!
    Possible causes:
    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
    Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!

    But I don’t have more than one instance and i have i tune 10.3 installed so i dont know what is my problem

    Thank you

  46. Mush

    This really does work! it worked for my iphone 4 on 6.1.3. Saved me a hell lot of money and time!

    Thanks a lot guys! Actually something unbeleivable that works for once! 😀

  47. faig

    Where can I download gecko toolkit mac version from ? wanna read passcode on my ipod 4th gen. Thanks

    1. admin

      There is no Mac version.

  48. Judas

    I did everything right and it came back..
    Device UDID : 0f310d1146d362d62350f9f21e830717caa33737
    Keybag: SIGN check FAIL
    Keybag UUID : 8fed0578494b4009a9c74da87e4f6085
    Saving C:\Users\Jbertrand0305\AppData\Local\Temp\tools\bruteforcef310d1146d362d62350f9f21e830717caa33737/20ac6a3db2b82917.plist
    passcodeKeyboardComplexity : {‘rangeMinimum’: 0, ‘value’: 0, ‘rangeMaximum’: 2}
    Trying all 4-digits passcodes…
    BruteforceSystemKeyBag : 0:28:25.617000
    The phone has a password NOT a passcode any help..

    1. mourad

      Device UDID : 0f310d1146d362d62350f9f21e830717caa33737
      Keybag: SIGN check FAIL
      Keybag UUID : 8fed0578494b4009a9c74da87e4f6085
      Saving C:\Users\Jbertrand0305\AppData\Local\Temp\tools\bruteforcef310d1146d362d62350f9f21e830717caa33737/20ac6a3db2b82917.plist
      passcodeKeyboardComplexity : {‘rangeMinimum’: 0, ‘value’: 0, ‘rangeMaximum’: 2}
      Trying all 4-digits passcodes…
      BruteforceSystemKeyBag : 0:28:25.617000
      The phone has a password NOT a passcode any help..

  49. Naomi

    When I downloaded the link for the iPhone 4, it comes up with iPhone3,1_5.0 .. is this right? I’m worried that it won’t be.

    1. admin

      It should be 5.0.1. I have verified the download links so I’m not sure how you are getting 5.0

  50. Nicholas

    the touch 4g doesn’t seem to contain a ipsw file
    or do I need to rename some thing
    my daughter has forgotten her password for her ipod touch 4 and has a lot of pictures she wants off ii

    any help would be appreciated
    thank you

    1. admin

      You can download the IPSW from here.

      1. Ali

        Hi, I’m having sort of the same problem as Nicholas. I downloaded the IPSW from your link. it downloaded a zip folder onto my desktop. when I open the Gecko tool and select ipod touch 4G from the read lockscreen password tab… it asks me to “please choose iPod4,1_5.0.1_9A405_restor.ipsw”… I click ok. then the browse box opens for me to choose… there is no file named whats is mentioned above. I do see the zip folder on my desktop, but when I click desktop on the browse bx, there is no zip folder. and when I open the zip folder that’s on my desktop… even before the geck toolkit… there is no file named iPod4,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw… what could be doing wrong… or am missing something, thanks for any great help… I am running windows 7 professional, 64 bit, java 6, iTunes… please help

        1. admin

          That’s strange. It sounds like maybe a file association issue. What version of windows are you using?

          1. Ali

            I am using Microsoft Windows Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

            I greatly appreciate any help

  51. ally

    hi good day to you i put a passcode on my iphone 4 today for the first time and i dont remember the code, i tried to use your programme i cant not seem to get it to work please help

  52. Tam

    ok have ipod4g redsnow starts then stops have tried it on xp vista windows 7 and 8 it always does one of 2 things shuts down says it cannot run or goes to exploit limera1n and turns my ipod back on and thats it stays in that the blue line full but does nothing else

  53. tomas

    i tried to install the gecko app but my computer says i need a newer version of Net. Framework. v4. 0.30319 and to get intouch with the app editor so i could get instructions to get the right version of Net. Framework

  54. TecTek

    Thanks a lot for the information and instructions along with all the needed links for the software needed. It worked like a charm for me on an ipod touch 4g model A1367, it took about 8 mins to find the password.
    I got to add the I’m running Windows 8 and I had to change compatability to Windows 7 for the Gecko Toolkit and Redsnow 0.9.14b2 because windows wasn’t loading Redsnow properly prior to that. Once I made the changes the whole process took like 15mins.

    Thanks a lot.

  55. TecTek

    Hey Admin
    One more thing. I didn’t even bother to touch my Java 7 version 21 that I got running on my Windows 8 machine. It still worked like a charm.

  56. Kevyn

    I select .ipsw and prgm starts the exploit, says “exploit using lime rain” but instead of continuing the exploit it boots the ipod touch (actual device).Stays stuck on Limerain exploit screen. any suggestions?

    1. admin

      Have you tried more than once? Sometimes when it hangs there I reset the phone using power+home for ten seconds, power back on and then put it back into DFU mode again.

  57. Kevyn

    I DL the wrong .ispw. I was reading the comments be4 I asked and saw another person said on “default” it ask you to DL a certain firmware. Well, in my case what it suggested was inccorect. But no worries worked flawlessly when i DL the other firmware version. Thanks for speedy response.

    A++ web site and Help!!!!

  58. Alison

    I have iPhone 4 (CDMA) and I’m trying to recover the password. I was using redsn0w 0.9.14b1, and the correct 5.0.1 IPSW from this download page. After clicking book its asks me to select IPSW but once I do a message pops up saying “Unable to recognize specified IPSW: …” I have tried several times but with no luck. What am I doing wrong?
    Oh also I noticed that when redsn0w does pop up at the top it says redsn0w 0.9.10b3, which is not what I downloaded and isn’t even installed on my computer….

  59. Steve

    I have a ipone4 CDMA, but the Gecko iPhone Toolkit only shows iPhone GSM and the latest version of redsn0w_win_0.9.10b5c which does identifies my device, but Gecko doesn’t so how do I get Gecko to upgrade redsn0w to the latest version?

  60. Steve

    How do I get pass this to get the password?

    Device UDID : 1340118651e4b360ca3173800966fe304d4e8b5d
    Keybag: SIGN check FAIL
    Keybag UUID : 75b8e0602d66498e86f57aa10cd62ed9
    Saving C:\Users\e0079785\AppData\Local\Temp\Tools\bruteforce\1340118651e4b360ca3173800966fe304d4e8b5d/8839828542c930d6.plist
    passcodeKeyboardComplexity : {‘rangeMinimum’: 0, ‘value’: 2, ‘rangeMaximum’: 2}
    Complex passcode used !

  61. AP

    after choose ipsw, redsn0w will launch right? but in my case the redsn0w (redsnow version 9.10) has a crash, so i downloaded redsnow version 9.14b1 but when click boot, it still using the old version . any solution?

  62. Arsh

    it shows a error after clicking on and then Ok it shows its either running a itunes 9 or older and one more error is port 2500 not something like that what is the problem i don’t know

  63. rodrigo

    i get a message right after i select the ipsw saying unexpected parameter

  64. Mike

    I do the first steps and I get the OK message on my iphone screen, then i press cancel and go to gecko and press LAUCH. After that on my iphone appears a message saying “FAIL TO LOAD KEYBAG” and because of that i can’t complete the process.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

  65. Mike

    I used the iphone3,3_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw and after i press launch it appears on my iphone screen saying “FAIL to load keybag” what should i do? please help me, any suggestions on how to fix this?

  66. bill

    i need the .NET framework. please help

  67. abdelmenem

    Goooooooooooooooooooood welcome

  68. usl

    Does this work for ipod touch second generation? I ask this because I cannot find ipod touch 2nd generation from the drop down menu in Gecko tool kit. If it works. What will be the correct option for ipod touch 2nd generation from that drop menu?

  69. usl

    I want to add something to my earlier message. What I want is to recover password for my ipod touch 2nd generation. Is it possible?

  70. Phil

    I have an iPhone 4 with ios7 but it doesnt give me the passcode can you help

  71. juan

    ive used gecko for the disable bypass and it worked great! so thanks for that! but when i try to read my password, problems arise. after choosing my device(ipod touch 4g) and the the proper firmware, it gives me a prompt saying: redsn0w error…unexpected parameter…. this software is so awesome, please help! i would like to be able to use it to the fullest! thanks again guys!

  72. Michael Okonkwo

    Pls can this work for my ipod touch?

  73. Athy

    INIT FAILED (mux thread)!
    Possible causes:
    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
    Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!)

    Why does it say that?? ^

  74. Lee

    Hi, I have attempted this, restarted my computer so I could re-download everything (making sure I got the right stuff and all) but upon second trial still got the same message after the OK (and plist…1999…stuff).

    The message is FAIL: Could not get AppleEFFaceableStorage service
    10ConnectCallMethod on AppleEFFaceableStorage selector 1 returned 10000003
    Trying to mount data partition
    FAILed to load keybag

    Any ideas on what went wrong/I am doing wrong?
    Much thanks.

  75. cullen

    do I save or open

  76. KB

    When I run the bypass it says decice not supported. I am trying to bypass a ipod 4G. Any suggestions?

  77. aj

    WTF , I tried failed…. is this Gecko iPhone Toolkit works on IPHONE 4s as mentioned i followed all steps but failed

    workaround steps:-

    i run Gecko iPhone Toolkit in built in redsn0w ver 0.9.10b3, and boot iPhone4,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore
    unable ro reconize specifed file C:\Users\Easyman\Desktop\Iphone\iPhone4,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restorewith fingerprint: d546faf8282e50c3843a25b21c9d3a1c075fb5ba with version of redsnow 0.9.10b3 which default bundle Gecko software.

    then i proceed boot with iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore, it detects on step 1 redsn0w selected IPHONE 4 (GSM) and proceed go with DfU MODE.

    i get error” EXLPLOIT FAILED.

    I keep trying again then i see progress bar loading ram halfway hangs

    i have tried detect with other version of redsn0w still failed

    can the developer give clear guides and do a pilot test before uploading and getting users test with all failed results.

    which is which redsn0w version can detect iPhone4,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore software. with gecko built in redsn0w ver 0.9.10b3

    is really redsn0w ver 0.9.10b3 bulit in with gecko software or if is install in computer , then where do i delete/uninstall in windows 7

    please advise thanks

    1. admin

      iPhone 4S is not supported.

  78. Seth

    Hi, I have an iPod 4G with a complex passcode. Will this still work?

    1. admin

      Only to bypass the disabled screen. It will not recover complex passwords.

  79. Nozlat

    I was able to use the password recovery just fine, but when i try to do the bypass, it comes back saying:

    MobileDevice event: DfuConnect, 4f9ffff, ffffff00
    DFU device ‘UNSUPPORTED’ connected
    Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED

    My device is an ipod 4g

    1. admin

      Most likely you have a software version above 5.1.1. In that case it is a matter of finding the right combination of Java and iTunes versions.

      1. Tyler

        How would i do this? I get the same exact thing said with my ipod 2???

  80. microxaen

    does it work for ipad version 2???

    1. admin

      It does not.

  81. Siddharth Tewari

    Will this work for the ipod touch 2g? please reply asap

    1. admin

      It will only bypass the disabled screen for iPod Touch 2nd gen.

  82. Juno

    Do you have a download link for Windows XP? I have a windows 7 computer but it is currently broken. Can you please send me a download link? Thanks!

    1. admin

      I don’t know how you can get Windows XP since MS no longer sells it.

  83. Kaylie

    I really want to try out this software but the download widget on the link doesn’t seem to be working!

    1. admin

      Try again and let me know if there is still a problem.

  84. Aj

    I have iPod touch 5th generation and it is locked, I would very much appreciate a way to unlock it without restoring it because I have a lot of my kids pics on it, please let me know how to unlock the iPod

  85. Anna

    Please make this work for ipod 5th gen ios6 please please please . . . 🙁

  86. Danielle

    Last night I was at a sleepover, and my friends decided it would be funny to put in a random passcode on my iPod touch. They kept putting it in, and it was disabled for 60 minutes. Later I tried to get on, and it said: iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes. What should I do? When I plug my iPod in, it says that the computer does not recognize the device. Please, I really want my iPod to work again. Is there any way I can restore it without losing everything?


  87. Tim

    I used the Gecko Toolkit to retrieve the password for an IPOD Touch 4G with no issues. I am now trying to bypass and have the same issue as shown in the comments above:

    MobileDevice event: DfuConnect, 4f9ffff, ffffff00
    DFU device ‘UNSUPPORTED’ connected
    Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED

    The solution states to find the right combination of Java and ITunes. I downgraded from ITunes 11 to 10.7, and have tried multiple versions of Java below 7 u4 and throughout Java 6. Do you have any other recommendations for this error?

  88. nijan

    i tried to go in recover mode nd its shows itunes logo in screen but in my pc’s itunes its not showing the recover mode detection msg. I check my cable as well as itunes. i restart my pc as well as i do what i can. Plz help me.

  89. paul

    If I downloaded ipsw to my phone will will the program find it? Why the gecko I think caused problem with my CPU.and had to restore it.

  90. Ryan

    I own a Macbook Air and is there anyway I could run software like this on a MAC. Do I just somehow get MAC Redsnow? I don’t know. Just wondering if this works on a MAC and if not how would I be able to do it.

  91. John Hagen

    For all those people who don’t want a restore and Gecko isn’t working, try something out that I found out. You won’t lose any of your data. Just make sure you do this on the computer you use for everything iTunes on your device. Here are the steps:
    1) Disable your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (preferable for a longer period of time like 5 mins)
    2) (You have to be fast because it doesn’t work after every minute unless you repeat this step until you have successfully done step five) Press and hold the lock button on your device until slide to power off appears
    3) Press cancel
    4) Open iTunes on your computer and plug in your device holding comand (mac) or Shift and Control (Windows) until your device comes up.
    5) Go to your device and click back up now. (Make sure step two is still in force and i___ is disabled is not seen. (If iDevice is disabled appears when backing up, iTunes may show an alert saying, “iDevice is locked with a passcode. To back up, enter passcode and click try again” If this shows up, repeat step 2 and 5.)
    6) Restore your device.
    7) When your device appears again, restore from backup (the one you just made before you restored)
    8) All your music goes on along with your app data, only the apps take a long time because they have to redownload. If you happen to have a lot of apps like me (168), just wait an hour until they all download. Go watch a movie.

    TADA!!!! No passcode, but everything else is there.
    Did I mention this works with any device (I’m pretty sure. I don’t have every device. I’m not that rich 🙁 I wish.)
    If this does not work or you did it on the wrong computer and lost everything, it is not my fault. I have had to do that a couple of times because I typed in google the same way twice in a row and couldn’t unlock my iPod. I’ll make a YouTube video showing how to do it as soon as someone asks me.

    1. iphone4sHELP

      hey John

      thanks for the advice still not working unfortunately i haven’t got my first computer i had when i purchased my iphone (that being the one that i used to back up the phone on.) I’ve got a new pc with no backups of the phone saved onto it and unfortunately the phone has become disabled from a bender of a weekend and leaving my phone with friends when we were all drunk :-/ i really need to save the contacts, photos and everything else on the device as its my only copy of it all. I tried to do ur step 2 but the phone is disabled unconditionally (no time limit) and when i plug it in i cannot back up the device. I downloaded gecko and tried various things with it then read further on the page n found 4s isnt supported with gecko (waste of $9.99) 🙁 so now im stuck not knowing what to do. Any more advice would be great!!!


  92. admin

    If I can confirm that this works I will make a video also. Which iPhone were you using and what iOS version?

  93. Iphone4 problem

    I forgot my password on my Iphone 4 and tried and tried to get it right till it got blocked.
    it says Iphone is blocked connect to itunes.
    but i never connected my Iphone to itunes before so if I try to connect it it says your iphone has a password so type the code to connect to itunes but i can’t type the code cause it says : it says Iphone is blocked connect to itunes. Please help me!!

    1. admin

      Did you try using the Gecko Toolkit to bypass the disabled screen?

  94. Cass

    Worked like a charm on my iPad 1. Absolutely made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  95. John

    I am using an Iphone 4s with 5.1.1 . Does This work with it? I have tried a couple times and when I use the 4 ipsw it allows resn0w to open but then just says launching Limra1n. It never does anything past that. am I doing something wrong or does it not work on a 4s. If not that what are my other options? It says it only will recognize the 4 ipsw and not the 4s. Thanks

  96. Imfitp

    sir. what if Gecko toolkit is not responding?
    is it ok to cancel the operation? 😮

  97. Fred

    Hey! I have been able to download the Gecko toolkit & the proper IPSW for iphone 4 (GSM) fine but when it comes time to retrieve passcode.. the bar loads up but it seems to get stuck & doesnt go past below:

    Device UDID : b226998b3f9b32a84aef7d4c13ae32d60e0faa94
    Keybag: SIGN check FAIL
    Keybag UUID : f5863be7fe954fb0a8f313e96c39eba8
    Saving C:\Users\Freddy\AppData\Local\Temp\tools\bruteforce\b226998b3f9b32a84aef7d4c13ae32d60e0faa94/1fa768997c8325b5.plist
    passcodeKeyboardComplexity : {‘rangeMinimum’: 0, ‘value’: 0, ‘rangeMaximum’: 2}
    Trying all 4-digits passcodes…

    Thats all it shows for hours & hours. What am i doing wrong or does it ever take this long?

  98. leo

    are u guys gonna get one for ipod 5

  99. DesperateOne

    I have iphone 4 I don’t even know my iOS and I’m at the point of disable connect to iTunes. I have never synced my phone to iTunes. And the two times I performed a backup it was on an Apple store’s computer and my cousins. The only action between my own Windows 7 64 bit computer and my phone has been to import pictures. All my daughter’s baby pics are on this phone I refuse to recover there has to be a way. I know the passcode by the way, it came back like Eureka! After I locked myself out.

  100. Matt

    So do I have to purchase Gecko? Because that is all that pops up and i really dont feel like wasting money on a “product” that may or may not help me and honestly i dont want to spend any money at all.

  101. Ralph

    Which file do I need to convert to a .ipsw? I downloaded the Ipsw from here but a get a zip file with no .ipsw file in it.

  102. Buluthan

    Ive got my password using this software but i cant bypass the connect to itunes screen on my iPod 4g. It says DFU Device not supported, please help.

  103. D.O

    Is there a free version of Gecko, because my dad doesn’t want me using his credit card? Otherwise he said if there isn’t then we could buy this. Read the review, lots of good feedback I hope this works for my iPod 4G!

    Thanks for the Help!

    (Will this inform me when I get an answer on my email?)

  104. saaqi


    sir i have big problem on iphone 4s i forgot passcode i didn’t care about my data but i have icloud id on my iphone 4s and i don’t know that icloud password as well plz help me how to bypass passcode on my mobile plz kindly guide me thanks

  105. username

    iPhone 3GS with what I believe is iOS 6, the “Connect to iTunes” bypass doesn’t work. It acts as if it’s working, but once it says “Connect to localhost” and plink appears, nothing happens and the phone reboots, still disabled. Any ideas?


    Great information. Lucky me I disscovered your blog
    by accidfent (stumbleupon). I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

  107. Mm

    hi there!
    my phone got stolen but luckily now i got it back so when i opened it said iPhone is disabled connect to the iTunes, i founded out that i have to reset all of my data otherwise i wont be able to use this phone what should i do? i dont want to lose anything 🙁 i still remember my passcode tho

    1. admin

      You might want to try the Tiny Umbrella utility.

  108. Connor

    When I went to try my password it said incorrect and then it said wait for one minute and then I tried it then it said wait for 5 minutes and then wait for like 60 minutes then after that I tried it and then it went back to 60 minutes then I just left it like that and I went to sleep and when I woke up it said connect to iTunes (btw my iPod Touch is 6th generation) what do I do like I have some very important stuff on that iPod and I really don’t want to have to delete all of the memory someone please help!!!!

  109. Karen

    Hi there can this Gecko tool kit be downloaded onto a Mac or only computer with Windows?

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