Bypass iPhone is Disabled

How to bypass the “iPhone is Disabled” screen in minutes

Even if you know your iPhone password you might end up with the dreaded “iPhone is disabled” message. If you are just looking for instructions you may skip down to the bullet points. I have seen this happen more than once. Usually it is for one of several reasons. Maybe there was a malicious person involved who tried to guess the iPhone password too many times. Perhaps a toddler got a hold of the phone and just started pushing random buttons. This is less likely since the long timeout between attempts would mean that the child would have the phone in their possession for more than an hour but stranger things have happened. In some cases the lens may be damaged and prevents one from entering the correct pass code. Regardless of how you ended up with your iPhone disabled, Forgot iPhone password can help you. This also applies to iPod is disabled and iPad is disabled messages.


iphone is disabled

If you simply need to bypass your iPhone password you are fortunate. While recovering a lost pass code can be a bit time consuming and requires several downloads, getting past the iPhone is disabled screen is relatively easy. It’s so easy in fact that I was surprised to find that this information hasn’t become widespread already. First of all you will need to download the Gecko Toolkit. Since Forgot iPhone Password does not own the software I cannot provide you with a download link but finding the software on Google is quite easy. Once you have downloaded Gecko you will simply:


  • Launch the tool kit
  • Put your iPhone into DFU mode
  • Select the Bypass “iphone is disabled” tab
  • Select your device from the drop down menu
  • Click “Bypass”


If you are not familiar with enabling DFU mode it is very easy to do:

    • Begin with phone powered off
    • Press and hold power button for three seconds
    • Continue holding power and now also hold home button together for ten seconds
    • Release power and continue holding home button until you see a “Device detected” message on your computer

This will allow you to bypass the iPhone is disabled screen even if you forgot your iPhone 4 password as long as it has not been updated to the 5.1 software version. In the future you may be able to recover your iPhone 4 password assuming that a similar Jailbreak exploit is found for the 5.1 version.

If you would like to see the software interface for Gecko Toolkit you can watch the video in the sticky post titled “Forgot iPhone Password.” I will be making a new video specifically for performing a bypass “iPhone is disabled” screen within the next day or two.

The rest of the procedure is automatic other than clicking “OK” when prompted and waiting until your see the Apple logo progress bar to click “OK” again. That’s it. Now just wait for the phone to reboot and you will be able to enter your pass iPhone code. If there is in fact something wrong with your lens then you will want to get that fixed first. Whatever you do don’t give up hope and perform a restore unless you aren’t concerned about saving your data. Another thing that is great about this method is that it works on devices that do not support the 5.0.1 version. If you have an old 3G or even a second generation iPod you can bypass the “iPhone is disabled” screen. In fact because they don’t support the new software this method will always continue to work as long as Apple never changes their policy of discontinuing software support for older devices. If you find the information about bypassing the “iPhone is disabled” screen on Forgot iPhone Password helpful don’t hesitate to share it.