Complex Pass Codes

While the Gecko Toolkit can help you out in many situations there are a few instances where you will be forced to restore your device and lose all of your data. One situation which calls for a full restore of your iPhone, iPod or iPad is when you have used a complex pass code to secure your device. While complex pass codes do offer increased security since they are harder to guess they are also more difficult to remember.

What is a complex pass code?

complex pass code used

  A complex pass code means that rather than the simple four digit numeric code which comes standard with an iPod or iPhone, you have chosen to include numbers and possibly special characters in your pass code. Many accounts that you log into on your computer and mobile device will require this type of code some even insisting that you include both a capital and a lower case letter. Again, this can help to keep your device secure but in the case of a lost or forgotten pass code on an iPhone there is no option to reset or retrieve it without losing your saved data. If you choose to use a complex pass code then your only option will be to restore your device. We will be uploading a video tutorial on Forgot iPhone Password in the near future to help you restore your Apple device.

Until the video is complete here is the official Forgot iPhone Password tutorial for restoring your locked iPhone.

  1. Plug your device into a computer with the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Power off your device and open iTunes if you haven’t already.
  3. Place the iPhone or iPod into DFU mode following steps 4-6
  4. Hold the power button down until the Apple appears. Continue holding and…
  5. Press and hold the home button. Keep both buttons pressed for ten seconds until the screen goes blank.
  6. Continue holding the home button and release the power button.
  7. Your computer will recognize your Apple device in DFU mode.
  8. iTunes will prompt you to restore/upgrade your device.

Note that the timing for entering DFU mode must be precise so if it doesn’t work on your first attempt, keep trying. Your power button and home button must be functioning properly. If one or both have problems you must repair the damaged hardware before proceeding. If your device was unlocked or jailbroken it will no longer be after you restore it.